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            Whole process traceability strategy cooperation brand operation
            Benefit from the whole industry chain
            Build a good ecosystem

            Zhejiang Ecofishery Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise founded by experts of the 'thousand talents plan' in Silicon Valley of the United States, with a technical team composed of many returned experts and doctors, and with a number of world leading technologies, specializing in providing intelligent fishery Internet of things solutions.

            The company has a professional software and hardware R & D team and a strong operation team. It is committed to building the world's top aiot technology, integrating the cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing.


            Three innovations


            Five management standards


            Five information monitoring systems


            Traceability of six product processes

            Build a scientific and technological breeding demonstration base

            Based on the aiot 'double closed-loop' intelligent fishery demonstration base, the demonstration is carried out from pond aquaculture, runway aquaculture, and industrial circulating aquaculture in a variety of ways to standardize aquaculture and operation, reduce aquaculture costs, improve the success rate of aquaculture, and optimize the structure of aquatic products.

            Construction of aquaculture standardization system

            Establish strict aquaculture epidemic prevention system, prevent and control the occurrence and spread of aquaculture diseases and epidemic, track the whole process of products, locate the specific link of the problem, and timely recall. Terminal consumers can use mobile app to scan and view product information.

            Internet of things closed loop intelligent control system for aquaculture

            Different types of fish ponds were managed and relevant data were recorded. Through the sensor real-time monitoring of the water conditions in each pressure aquaculture area, and intelligent control of the operation of oxygen, temperature control, water pump and other equipment, effectively regulate the water environment of aquaculture water, improve the quality of aquaculture.

            Smart maker leads,Hangzhou in the new era

            2019 the first agricultural maker competition at home and abroad in Hangzhou